Keep My Tennessee Home

Eligibility Questions

First Name Last Name
Street Address Street Address 2
City State
Zip Code County
Phone Number Alt Phone Number
Email Address You must use a valid e-mail address. All official correspondence regarding your application will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.
Have you suffered one or more of the following financial hardships that have caused you to become delinquent on your mortgage?
         Death of a spouse
         Underemployment (caused by involuntary job loss, reduction of hours or permanent disability)
         None of the above

Is your home a:
         Single Family Home, Townhome, or Condominium
         Manufactured home with a permanent foundation
         None of the above

Do you have a mortgage on your home?
         Yes                 No

Is your 1st mortgage currently past due?
         Yes                 No

Is the past due amount less than $20,000?
         Yes                 No

Is the balance due on your first mortgage less than $275,000?
         Yes                 No

Is your household income less than $95,900?
         Yes                 No

Are you currently in bankruptcy?
         Yes                 No

Do you occupy this home as your primary residence?
         Yes                 No

Are you a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien?
         Yes                 No

How did you hear about this program?